How to Write an Argumentative Essay

To write an essay you have to possess moderate knowledge on the subject you are writing about, but to write an argumentative essay you need an extensive grasp on the entirety of the subject. This allows you to fully and clearly state your thesis and explain your viewpoint, by sticking to the facts and using logical or scientific terminology.

An argumentative essay is predominantly concerned with the words ‘why’ and ‘how’. In picking the topic for your essay and planning for its presentation, take into consideration why you have selected this specific theme and how you are going to prove its legitimacy? This means that you not only have to conduct a lot of research in order to write the essay, but also to understand the information and simplify it for your reader.

You have to state your thesis alongside the research data you have used such as statistics, graphs, facts, quotes and surveys, if need be, to support your statement. There is more than one method that can be used when writing an argumentative essay; by listing the pro’s and con’s you are using a method of comparison, weighing the negative and positive effects or reasons with each other to determine the strength of both, and of their individual outcome.

Also, conducting an analysis of alternatives is used when trying to make a decision; you study three or more alternatives and their respective outcomes. This method uses the three theories or situations to prove a similar outcome or provides a fall back if one is not proven to be valid. It is also not always possible to estimate an exact answer for your thesis, this method it used to presuppose the possible theories and to support them using your data research.

By using the method of ‘cause and effect’, you are trying to determine the effects of certain events or elements if you study or put into play, the reason for their instigation. Almost like the domino effect, this methodology can produce multiple outcomes from a single ‘cause’ giving the writer more space in which to create their hypothesis.

However, you have to know a great deal on the topic in order to accurately predict the possible outcome to a specific cause, and that can only be achieved by doing a great amount of research. Be sure to start with your essay preparation and research well in advance.

End the essay by writing a valid and concise summary of your argument or thesis in your conclusion by once again sticking to your facts and by not generalising or using clichés. Try to remember that when writing an argumentative essay you have to think scientifically as well as rationally in order to produce an effective argument in your essay.

In certain situations, if needed, you may offer your own opinion, given that it should also be accompanied by a reason or explanation, otherwise, try not to use or become emotional, as emotions are not always open to scientific or forensic study.